Our Mission

Baladi. You have either lived there all your life, visited on occasion, or maybe you have only heard the stories. Regardless, we understand the love and there is nothing like it.

Baladi shirts allows you to show your country pride with style!

Every shirt we sell is incredibly soft and has amazing quality. In addition to creating fun shirts we know you will enjoy, a portion of every sale goes to help refugee families in the USA struggling to make it.

We call that spreading the love via cotton.

Why we Donate to Refugees

Refugees escape from war, torture, poverty and starvation, arriving in the USA with little to nothing. Many of these refugees fled their country with only the shirt on their back.
Our goal is to take this shirt and give back to help rebuild a new life in this country.
That is precisely the reason we donate a minimum of 10% of profits to Amanaah Refugee Services.

We are aware that our efforts are tiny in comparison to the needs of many, however, as the drop enters the bucket we know eventually it will fill.